Hello! Thank you for taking the time to see what this blog (and myself) is all about.

My daughter is my inspiration for my blog, and definitely the name fig leaf. You see, we waited on the gender until delivery so instead of calling Mary “it” or “he” “she” I decided to call her fig. My baby fig. It stuck and even though she now has a known gender and name, she will always be my little Fig! 

With that being said I can not only write about mommy duties. That is not me, you see before I discovered the greatest love that could be found through my daughter I had my own life! The life I had compared to the life I have now are completely different yes, but I still crave the same passions I had before, and without a doubt I have discovered new passions as well.

You will find me writing about old passions as well as new, because my life as well as so many of yall’s is always a balancing game. We would love to perfect it but life and LOVE does not work that way! I am a person that enjoys all the feel goods in life therefore you will see me writing more motivational and lifestyle blogging instead of focusing on one aspect of my life. 

I hope as a reader you can relate as well as hopefully learn something through each post. I have always been a believer in education and I think by reading, and learning something new everyday we gain knowledge and feed our minds. I hope ya’ll enjoy my blog, feedback is always great and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Michelle Marie




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