Why I set my intention every morning.

Ok let’s be real not EVERY morning. I try really hard Monday-Friday. Even on the days I have a teething baby/ or needy toddler and get very little sleep. Even when I get glorious sleep, but I found myself needing intention every morning and in turn loving it and having a better more fulfilled day. Sounds cheesy, but I love my life, I love my days, And I’m even excited about it!

I can’t take credit for this, if you know me, you know I’m a Rachel Hollis fanatic, follower, I fell in love with her passion for life and her accountability of making life work for you instead of against you.

But before Rachel Hollis, I was at a place where my day was so routine, so heavy first thing in the morning, so unfulfilled. I couldn’t get out of this place where I would literally open my eyes and already be sad about my day. How it was another day of taking care of little people that I love very much but it was not making me happy, and yes I said that. Being a stay at home mom for me felt unfulfilling. But I honestly believe you can be at this place even if you don’t have kids. I was pregnant with Nina, and Mary was 2. Being sad in the morning led to days that dragged, led to emotions that turned into depression, anxiety, irritableness. I couldn’t understand how I spent my 20’s hustling and working, and going to school, getting the job after school, running races, and then to have it all slow down for baby. I fell so in love with Mary that I was consumed with her. I don’t take any of that back!! I held her constantly, I loved being her mom. So why did I all of a sudden, after two years, feel like I needed more?

Aware of my thought process, I didn’t accept that this was just life. This was how it is. I did the story time, I did the things with Mary to get us both out. I wanted more, no I needed more for myself. I told my family how unhappy I was (hard), talked to my doctor about my mental state (hard), then chose a therapist (even harder). It was the best/hardest decisions I made. Sometimes we need help, help understanding our feelings, the thoughts in our head and how to use the words to help communicate with our loved ones about the state of mind we are in. Then comes the actual courage to make a change. Only by this time I had given birth to a newborn. Once again in the newborn bliss stage I felt very comfortable with my new normal of two kids at home and I knew to soak in the sweet moments!! I honestly thought I conquered what I was feeling six months prior.

Around Nina’s six month birthday I was introduced to Girl wash your face. I laughed at my friends who suggested the book, wow some celebrity is going to tell me how to better myself. I judged so hard!!! Maybe it was the stage of life I was at, maybe it was God knowing I personally was ready for my next step, whatever it was. She got me excited about life, no I didn’t get a promotion at work, I didn’t have a goal to lose thirty pounds, I didn’t want to make a million dollars. I wanted to be an exceptional wife, mom, woman, person. I wanted to be mentally healthy, and she introduced habits that are so simple yet so under appreciated. She taught me how to dream again.

What are my dreams? Honestly, I was in such a raw state I just wanted to be mentally healthy. Hell, I just want to be a good, no great mom. I want to love and be present and show my husband I care. If I could be that person for the rest of my life my dreams would come true. I set that goal for myself, I intentionally woke up happy to be alive, healthy enough to take care of my girls, and nourish our bodies. This also required self care, me time. Separating myself from my home, my husband, my daughters to really connect with myself again. What feels awkward at first becomes such habit that you truly appreciate life more, yourself more, your family more.

Why self help? Because it’s made myself, my family, my husband happier. We grow everyday, and everyday is effort. The most exhausting rewarding effort you could ask for.

Take time for yourself today and list your gratitudes. Realize what season of life you are in, Are you truly happy? Or are you just getting by thinking this is the way life is.

Make it exceptional, don’t describe your life as fine. As tough but I’ll get through it. Be excited to TACKLE it. Read the books, got to therapy if needed, listen to the podcasts, pray and pray some more. Adding habits to add value to your life is something to be proud of.



2 thoughts on “Why I set my intention every morning.

  1. This book has changed my way of thinking and feeling as well !!!! thank you for sharing.
    I have such a different out look to the way I get up every morning and face the world. No matter what age change is good. Thank you Michelle šŸ˜˜


  2. This book has changed my way of thinking and feeling as well !!!! thank you for sharing.
    I have such a different out look to the way I get up every morning and face the world. No matter what age change is good. Thank you Michelle šŸ˜˜


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