Emotional being

I had a session today that was just everything. If I can have just one person relate or understand where I’m coming from on this, then I will be happy. But really even that doesn’t matter because I had my own epiphany, and I know it has impacted my brain enough to stay there day to day.

I see myself as pretty mellow, I can talk a lot about anything or everything. I pretty much don’t yell, or scream. I don’t shun people that do, I feel I am able to handle that really well and just listen. I honestly try to be approachable. In turn however, when life gets overwhelming, I find myself emotional (who doesn’t right) but For me, once I get emotional I have this ping of labeling myself unstable.

Then it spirals from there because if I’m unstable then that must mean somethings wrong, if somethings wrong how do I fix it. If I can’t fix it right away then panic hits because it affects my family, And so on and so on. Wow, what train of thought will do! When I was asked why I see myself unstable when I’m emotional I didn’t have an answer. In all honesty I admire some of the most emotional women I know, I actually see them as strong because most of the time, when they are emotional it’s because they are embracing all the feels! And isn’t that how we process feelings? Thoughts? Embracing?

We allow our friends to cry on our shoulder, our kids to have their moment and cry and process. But when in our own home the motto is:

Moms are the Rock of the family.

Wives are the backbone of the Marriage.

Be strong

Why do we give our friends/kids/husbands so much grace during their hardest times. Yet when we ourselves are in an emotionally chaotic state we think. “Something is wrong with me”

Maybe you don’t. Maybe being emotional is your natural state and others have a hard time understanding it. Maybe you have this thing figured out. I can embrace a messy home, especially now with two kids. I know the ebb and flow of chores getting done. But embracing the fact that the everyday life might overwhelm me in the state that I have not one, but two, maybe three emotional days in a row? No way Jose that’s not normal…… Or is it? Give yourself grace on those days. And if In the past you have hit that depression where this lasts more than a couple weeks, months, and years. Realize that’s the scary thing that we are all avoiding. LEARN you can have a couple days of funk and know it will only last days, not months, not years. Or if you didn’t know that, I’m telling you, if you know that, I’m reminding you.

Practice daily grace and I know we hear that all the time but I feel it’s towards our home, our work, relationships, parenting, or kids.

Give your MENTAL STATE GRACE. Know that ebb and blow and embrace it.

Thanks for reading xoxo


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