Feel Good Movement

Here we go!

It has been over a year since my last post, I announced my second pregnancy and my weaning journey but boy have things changed since then. I could go into detail how I fell into a slump during my second pregnancy, discovered unfamiliar words like anxiety and depression and how they pertained to my life, but I think there’s enough knowledge of that going on nowadays. Not to discredit them, but we could either talk about the symptoms, the traits or we could talk about the actions to follow. Which brings me to my current passion…obsession? What’s the difference.

I personally like to call it the Feel Good Movement. I was running when I thought of that, like damn I feel so good right now during this short, hard, one mile run. Why does this make me feel so good? That may not be your feel good, it could be cooking, could be biking, could be reading. We all have something that mentally escapes us and makes us feel whole, and yourself, if that makes sense.

Do you remember the days you were passionate about just simply feeling good and like yourself? Of course not because you know what? You just did it! There was no pondering. You just do it. It felt natural, it felt exciting. And to those that may have never had the chance to even discover that about themselves then I encourage you to take time aside and figure it out.

Here’s my goal to this movement, to try to reach everyone, not just women, not just moms, everyone that somehow loses themselves due to work, a relationship, kids, LIFE. Do you feel good everyday? I mean everyday. Not all day everyday but when you rest your head at night do you feel good and whole. Think about it.

Wishing love and abundance



2 thoughts on “Feel Good Movement

  1. I need more feel good movements ! Everyday hussle and bussle can strip you of those moments. Thanks for the inspiration 😘


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