Insomnia at its finest. 

I never understood people with sleeping problems. I would think to myself, something’s wrong with them. They need to do more of this or that, and my family would tell you I’m naturally an unsympathetic person. I admit I was, and now I lay here in bed, wide awake. One of them. 

I accept that some things will never make sense, like the fact that tonight, my daughter is finally sleeping beautifully in her crib. Something I wish and pray for every other night when I’m so tired I can’t even keep my eyes open past 830pm. Yet tonight of all nights I find myself fully awake and eerily content with it. I’m not frustrated that I’ve counted sheep, said my prayers, caught up on reading, caught up on a movie, and practiced some yoga. Nope, just amused. 

I figure God has to be telling me something. Right? I mean, this has to be some kind of joke. All I have been wishing for is granted and I cannot actually rest? Cmon now. God wins, I’ll be waiting for the message.

While I know I will be in for it in a couple hours when Mary is ready and awake for the day, I kind of just laugh that it’s 1am and I seriously can not fall asleep. 

Until next time. Goodnight….I mean morning.


One thought on “Insomnia at its finest. 

  1. funny I don’t have kids in the house anymore but just being a mom I still sleep lightly and always keep my phone on! Even when she’s grown you will sleep lightly but just to let you know your doing a great job😍


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