Team motto

You’re doing great mama! What a theme, motto, rant to live by. Let’s just say this needs to be told to moms a thousand times a day. You know what else? Not only do you say this to new moms, but to moms whose “babies” are teenagers, in their twenties or thirties. Because motherhood never ends, and you never stop doubting whether you are doing the right thing or giving the right advice. Fig is not even a year old yet but I frequently think about the future and what I would do in this or that situation.

The newborn stage for fig has flown by, we now have milestones to look out for. I receive many questions nowadays, crawling yet? Teeth?? Any words??? “No….. barely….and syllables.” That’s when comparisons of other kids, grandkids, friends of kids start spewing out of people’s mouths and in one ear, out the other. This is ok, completely ok and it used to bother me that Mary was being compared to anyone and everyone’s child and where they happen to be at her same age. Not to get completely off topic but I got the privilege of meeting up with some ladies for a book club/mommy meet up. To make a long story short the main subject we talked about was how you may have a plan of how life is going to go. Well, sorry but God has his own plans. Whether they coincide with yours is not up to you. The point I’m getting at is no longer do I fret on how Mary is doing with her milestones, because you know what? I’m a good mama, I do tummy time. I try to give her a variety of foods. I take her on walks, to visit her grandparents, cousins, great grandparents. You know what I figured out while I do these things? That Mary will be ready to pull up on gods timing, to crawl when he has set her in his timeline to crawl. To pop out teeth when he deems ready. All I can do is be an encourager, a listener, and motivator

This is a short post, I feel like if anyone reads it they just need to get the point to tell a fellow friend or family member that they are doing a great job. Because nothing is a heavier burden than a worried mama. I don’t worry about much nowadays because God is a little too good. But in case anyone needs to hear it, “You’re doing great mama!” 


2 thoughts on “Team motto

  1. Well this made me tear up this morning and you are so right, even when your kids are older and gone its always nice to hear your a “Great Mom” and if you raise your kids right they will never let you forget how much you are loved. I do appreciate you and your doing a great job with “Fig”.


  2. At 40 years old with an eighteen year old and a twelve year old I can completely relate as a woman, and mother.
    The worry of a mothers heart can be a burden indeed but one we endure for decades in selfless sacrifice and hopefully grace!
    Such endearing thoughts and words from you my darling and I CAN believe how naturally motherhood came for you. I believe your essence has truly come to light as you became mother.
    Thank you for your words and empowerment, your strength and your humble heart!
    Isn’t it just amazing the things God places forth for us.
    Blessings my love

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