Resisting the inevitable

Oh man, my baby fig is six months old. I always told myself I would be the happy mom who loved to see her child grow, who embraced each milestone and welcomed every new occasion with open arms. I mean, why be so sad when your child is alive and thriving everyday! I have to admit I was too judge mental before, wondering why moms got sad when their little ones turned a year, two years and so on. I thought to myself, don’t focus on negativity momma, focus on the positives. 

I get it now. Like a slap in the face I realized there is no stopping the wave of emotions you feel when required to take a step back and look at not only your surroundings but others as well. My step-sisters daughter turned one this past week. Insert trigger, how time flies and how time will fly in the years to come. While absolutely proud and happy about this new milestone it’s almost abnormal to not have an emotional reaction. I was trying to resist the inevitable. 

Why not take a moment to be sad? Why resist the natural desire to rewind time and relive some of life’s most exciting moments. So needless to say I was an emotional mess the rest of the weekend. Happy one moment and sad the next. Tears of joy, fear, excitement, sadness. 

Advice? All normal, take it and feel it raw. Know this too shall pass and you will get wrapped up in the daily to do’s soon enough. Vent to your loved ones, your support system and fellow moms, if there is one thing they understand its hormones! Normal one day, abnormal the next. Recognize your signs, your symptoms so that if you need help you are not afraid to ask. Feeling sad is tricky, if you resist it those feelings can last longer than they should because you are pushing them aside. Let them out, have dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle hold your little one while you take a moment to feel what you are feeling. Everyone will cope their own way. It is easy to be stubborn but when it comes to your own well being that is the one time to not be stubborn. Reach out. 

With that said I will continue to snuggle my babe, soon enough she will not let me! I will also look at her and remember the first time she was laid on my chest, the look she gave me when I said her name and that I loved her. It was one of the best moments of my life. I will promise to welcome every emotion I feel because there is no right or wrong way to feel, to simply feel is better than to not at all. 
My Fig. 



2 thoughts on “Resisting the inevitable

  1. Thank you for sharing your feelings and enjoy every moment with your baby fig as she grows each day and develops new habits. Its fun to watch them grow inside and out. Your a great mom!

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