This is going to be a nostalgic post for the moms out there. I was watching the news after the little one went down for her morning nap (wishing I could nap too) and I listened to a story about a man whose life sort of came to a pause and sadly a hault after being diagnosed with lung cancer. You see he never smoked and not only did he not smoke he was a neurosurgeon. Being a doctor for so many years he was now the patient, he decided to have a daughter with his wife and his wife asked him “don’t you think having a child to say goodbye to would make your death even more painful” and his answer “wouldn’t it be great if it did?” 

I don’t mean for this to be an emotional post but this story ties into my day to day emotions when I spend more and more time with my daughter. The bond gets stronger and the emotions become overwhelming. There is something so heart filled, so joyous, about having a child that your life suddenly comes to a hault. While I still miss, and from time to time enjoy my old hobbies and passions, there are moments I imagine and dream of the day I get to see Mary discover her own dreams and passions. How I can’t wait to cheer her on, to encourage her and help her find her way through her own future. Should I be so lucky to see this little one grow into a young lady, now that is really something. That is something that brings me so much joy I can’t help but get emotional!

The only advice I can give to future parents is to hold on, hold on to the feelings you have before your child is here. Because while you can’t even imagine the type of emotions you will feel because you have never felt them before, besides fear 😉 they will without a doubt exceed any expectation you can conceive. 

Tying back to my story this morning, while it is sad about the young neurosurgeon who left too soon, how unbelievable is it that he got to share this love with his wife, with his daughter and with a higher power he gets to hold unto that feeling forever. We all should be so lucky. 

Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.

-Elizabeth Stone


3 thoughts on “Mon-daze

  1. I am blessed to have read this. To hear your thoughts,about motherhood,about God. Life’s a wonderful journey, when you stay focused on the blessings. We all have troubles and worries, but to stay clam and keep the faith in the midst of it all. Children keep us grounded, keep our focus, keep us out of self. Release us of the bond age of self. I know that’s what my children have done for me.

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  2. From one mom to another i can only say its a true blessing to have the opportunity to read this and share the joys of motherhood with my own daughter. As fig gets older your heart will be filled with love and your soul will be filled with emotions and feelings you have never felt before. Cherish it all.

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