My very first blog post, yikes! I have been pondering this whole blog for the past 2-3 months. My little fig was born five months ago and let’s say hermit status lingered for two months, exhaustion stayed for four. 

Goals long term or short term have always been a thing for me. It’s my motivation, you set a goal and it’s your own conscious that gets to you. So after talking to a friend I’ve known since high school who happens to have her own blog that I read during her mission trip adventures, I decided to set a goal of launching my own blog by January of 2016. Hey, I made the month right?? 

Now I made that goal it’s on to the next, 2016 will be exploring the blogging community, new mommy adventures, new self exploring and endless family gatherings. 

What are yall’s goals and resolutions for the new year? Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be a commitment for one single year, it could take a couple days, weeks, or months to get there. Heck it can take years! But there is no better feeling than accomplishing something you have set out to do for yourself.

Here are some tips that always help me if you are feeling overwhelmed with deciding on a particular or several goals. 

  • Long or short term? When I see something I want to go for and accomplish I decide on a realistic timeline for this particular goal. Ex. Running a marathon, I ran several half marathons (Three months of training) before my first full. Four years in between my first half and running my first full! 
  • Willing to commit. This one is important. It’s so easy to say you will be committed to this new resolution or goal until life gets in the way. Know this is normal and commitment is never easy! Find resources to help you through it. 
  • Support system. If you express your new goals with friends and family don’t be afraid to ask for their support! 
  • Believe in yourself. This one is important! We are our own worst enemy and sometimes after failing or falling down we are so hard on ourselves it’s easy to give up. Don’t do it! Remind yourself why you made these goals and remember you are human and everyone has ups and downs. Keep on keepin on friends! 

“What you get by achieving your goals, is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” -Henry David Thoreau 


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